The Dirt

The Dirt is intended to educate, inform, and WOW people about farming in the Skagit Valley.  It is a modest, monthly message designed to give you a behind-the-scenes, fascinating, who-woulda-thought look at Skagit agriculture.

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The Dirt Issue 4 – Agriculture is “Growing” at the Port

For more than two decades, the Skagit agricultural community has been calling for an Agricultural Industrial Park to be established.  Twenty-six years on, that goal has been realized in very exciting ways at the Port of Skagit. The concept of … Continue reading

The Dirt Issue 3 – What is Pinning?

Twice each year, a highly unusual “sharing of the soils” takes place at the WSU-NW Research & Extension Center here in Mount Vernon. The event is called a “pinning” and the participants are representatives of seed companies looking to secure … Continue reading

The Dirt Issue 2 – All About Climate

We all know the Skagit is special. One of the biggest reasons for that is our climate, forged as it is, from a happy confluence of topography, latitude and the over-arching influence of the Pacific Ocean and its prevailing westerly … Continue reading

The Dirt Issue I – Introducing the DIRT

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Magic Skagit.” It can mean various things, but without question, one of the biggest magic-making factors around here is the soils of the Skagit Valley. Back in 1940, a seven-year long survey of the then … Continue reading