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Posted on August 27, 2008
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Check out the excerpt from goskagit.com’s NaturalSkagit blog posted August 27, 2008 or visit the link at http://www.goskagit.com/forums/viewthread/680/

The Local-Organization-You-Might-Want-To-Be-Involved-With this week is theSkagitonians To Preserve Farmland http://www.Skagitonians.org
This local, non-profit, membership-driven outfit (SPF) was founded in 1989 and lots of you sport the bumper sticker …”Pavement is Forever”.  There are over 600 members, a 17 member Board of Directors, and a small staff.  The fundamental mission is to ensure the economic viability of Skagit County agriculture and its required infrastructure through farmland protection, advocacy, research, education and public awareness.  SPF also promotes consumer demand for Skagit Valley products.
Besides the bumper sticker, other widely visible programs include the nifty crop-identity signs along the fields, the InFARMation Radio broadcast you can tune into along I-5 and surrounding areas, and the recent several-month photographic display at the Skagit Historical Museum – the beautiful “Harvesting the Light.”
Farmland Protection and Environmental Stewardship are also significant strategies of the SPF and sometimes result in a hearty tug-of-war!  Successes have often required significant collaboration, negotiation, education, and civic-mindedness.  Many of you have probably already participated in some of these.
The best way to get involved is to spend some time on the website and get a good understanding of this group.  Then join up with a monetary donation and also by paying attention to issues that arise in our NaturalSkagit that affect farmland and farming – take the time to understand all sides and make your opinions heard.  Help where you can.
There is also a volunteer opportunity – the Crop Sign program wants to be expanded and needs folks to pitch in and help with that, maybe help get some signs installed over in the Samish River fields too.  Give them a call at 360 336 3974 and offer to help – a great way to Dig In!