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The Dirt Issue 21 – Northwest Agricultural Research Foundation

Agricultural Research from the Ground Up From its earliest days as a World War II-era response to severely falling cabbage seed production, the then Northwest Seed and Truck Crop Laboratory, Inc. has been a pivotal and utterly essential contributor to … Continue reading

The Dirt Issue 20 – Food Hubs

It’s what we all want, and here’s one way we get it In the last few years, there has been a market-changing shift in what consumers want to eat. The interest in food, its source and how it’s grown have … Continue reading

The Dirt Issue 19 – Skagit Valley Ag Outside the Ag Zone

We’re all familiar with the lush, abundantly-productive farmland of the Skagit Delta. Zoned Ag-NRL (Natural Resource Lands), it is comprised of world-renowned prime farmland. But, you’d be wrong if you thought that was the entirety of Skagit agriculture. There are … Continue reading

The Dirt Issue 18 – Slow Flowers

Slow down and savor the difference! Delicious food, freshly harvested and eaten while still in the perfect flush of ripeness, is a taste explosion often worlds away from everyday fare. To achieve it, many people have chosen to buy local … Continue reading

The Dirt Issue 17 – Sheep and Goats and Alpacas…Oh My!

Driving around the Skagit Valley, you’re immediately struck by the sheer number and diversity of crops grown. But for a more complete picture of Skagit agriculture, we must include a look at livestock. This issue of The Dirt is focused … Continue reading

The Dirt Issue 16 – WSU NWREC

Over the last 70 years, it’s hard to imagine a more valuable, more crucial collaboration in Skagit County agriculture than that between the local farming community and researchers at the WSU Northwest Washington Research and Extension Center (NWREC). Extension services … Continue reading

2017 Spring/Summer News Bulletin

Our 2017 Spring/Summer News Bulletin is out! Here are some highlights: Upcoming “Our Valley, Our Future” Breakfast Youth InFARMation Farm Tour Community Forums Feedback Featured Supporter Corner + more! View the full news bulletin here.

The Dirt Issue 15 – Youth InFARMation Program

Sharing the story of Skagit Valley agriculture is always great fun for us, but it’s especially so when we share that story with curious, enthusiastic kids. SPF’s multi-faceted Youth InFARMation Program is our effort to inform, engage and motivate youth—elementary … Continue reading

The Dirt Issue 14 – Organic Agriculture

Now we’re growing! Organic agriculture in the Skagit Valley— In the last few issues of The Dirt, we’ve addressed the subject of sustainability in agriculture. For many people, particularly among certain engaged consumers, sustainable agriculture is synonymous with organic agriculture. … Continue reading

90 Minutes with Governor Inslee

Yesterday was an exciting day for Skagitonians! We were a among a group that traveled to Olympia and presented Skagit agriculture and farmland protection strategies to Governor Inslee and his Cabinet as part of the State’s “Results Washington” initiative. The … Continue reading