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Local Agriculture Featured on KUOW FM 94.9

KUOW, the local news public radio station for Seattle, will be featuring local agriculture the week of September 15, 2008 during its Morning Edition and All Things Considered segments. All five segments can be heard on Anne Schwarz of … Continue reading

10th Annual Celebrate Skagit Harvest Dinner & Auction — September 27

Mount Vernon–“Eat the Skagit,” a weaner pig to go and grow, a week’s getaway to San Jose del Cabo in Baja, and two Eddyline kayaks are just a few of the fabulous items available at Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland’s 10th Annual Celebrate Skagit … Continue reading

SPF Featured in NaturalSkagit blog

Check out the excerpt from’s NaturalSkagit blog posted August 27, 2008 or visit the link at The Local-Organization-You-Might-Want-To-Be-Involved-With this week is theSkagitonians To Preserve Farmland This local, non-profit, membership-driven outfit (SPF) was founded in 1989 and lots of you sport the … Continue reading

Washington State Department of Agriculture Releases Working Paper

The Washington Department of Agriculture (WSDA) releases working paper on agricultural lands in Washington State Download and read the working paper from our “Publications” page.

Farm Power Northwest L.L.C. moving forward with manure power

SPF members and supporters Kevin and Daryl Maas are moving forward with plans to construct a manure digester in Skagit Valley. Their project will turn cow manure into electricity to power up to 600 homes. Puget Sound Energy has announced … Continue reading

SPF and Skagit County’s Farmland Legacy Program join forces to protect 109 acres

Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland (SPF) and Skagit County’s Farmland Legacy Program (FLP) joined forces once again to protect 109 acres of farmland south east of Mount Vernon. The farmland contains two certified development rights totaling $460,000 or $230,000 per development … Continue reading

SPF Submits Comments to DOE on the proposed rewrite of the State’s wetland mitigation banking draft rules.

Download SPF comment letter on the “Publications” page

Mount Vernon City Council Rejects Mayor’s UGA Expansion Plans

Thank you to everyone who wrote their city council representative and packed the hearing room on May 28, and to the 20 well-prepared farmers, residents and others who spoke passionately in opposition to the City’s desire to apply to Skagit … Continue reading

Farming for Wildlife story on Northwest Cable News Network

Featuring a unique collaboration between SPF and The Nature Conservancy