Meet a Farmer

Working in the fields was a rite of passage for generations of teens. For many, summers in the Skagit Valley meant digging bulbs for two cents a pound, picking raspberries and strawberries for five cents a pound, or getting on a crew to rouge spinach. The pinnacle, the hold grail of summer work, usually reserved for returning college students, was landing one of the coveted spots on a pea-vining crew, working 12 hours on, 12 hours off (night shift was the best!).

Today, many of us may never have the opportunity to engage with the people who produce our food, let alone set a foot in a field. 

Our Meet a Farmer series provides a glimpse into the life of a farmer. You will learn first-hand what it takes to grow and raise the best produce in the world. Our goal is for you to come away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of what it takes to farm in the Magic Skagit in the 21st century.

Farming Locally, Thinking Globally

“The Skagit Valley hooked me”   Anne Schwartz is a self-described rabble-rouser. The 66-year-old blueberry and raspberry farmer has dedicated her life to growing organic food, fighting all the way to the international level for organic food standards and better … Continue reading

From Ski Bum to Regenerative Farmer

“First you grow the soil. . . This is the right way that I wanted to farm.” Matt Steinman didn’t plan to become a farmer. The 38-year-old self-described former “ski bum” spent his 20s working as a ski patroller, with … Continue reading

Digging out a Destiny : Love Well Farms

“Farming just kind of found us..” Often, farming can be summed up as simply trial and error: trying not to repeat past mistakes and leaving plenty of space for new ones to happen—and learn from. Three years ago Wayne and … Continue reading

A life changing adventure: Skagit Sun Farms

“I just fell in love with the Valley.” Don Kruse has called the Skagit Valley home for the past 42 years, operating Skagit Sun Farms for much of that time. Farming a variety of strawberries found at local retailers and … Continue reading

The centerpiece of her life: Jenn Smith

“…the best thing we can do is to continue to make sure our products are still up to the highest standards.” Surrounded by farming her entire life, Jenn Smith has found more than one way to be a part of … Continue reading

Creating something special: Bow Hill Blueberries

“I feel lucky to be in Skagit Valley, and on a farm…”   Bow Hill Blueberries is one of the oldest blueberry farms in Skagit County: Stanley, Rubel, and Jersey varieties have been rooted in the Valley’s soil since 1947. … Continue reading

Puget Sound Food Hub: Working together to make a difference

“…growing for their community and region is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle” For the past decade, the Puget Sound Food Hub Cooperative (Food Hub) has worked as guiding hands for several of our local farmers to bring fresh … Continue reading

The best-laid plans: Lohman Farms

“I told him he was the bravest man I’d ever known, to marry a woman with two dogs and 100 cows!” It was here at Skagit Valley College that three future farmers, just kids then, found each other and formed … Continue reading

Digging In On A Dream: Mossy Gate Flower Farm

“It didn’t matter how stressed or unhappy I was, every evening I was taking care of my flowers….” As we all know, the journey of life has its ups and downs; its peaks of joy and its deep valleys of … Continue reading

The art of farming: Waxwing Farm

“….being able to witness what’s happening on a piece of land throughout the year has all kinds of artful magic to it, that for sure makes the hard days better.” Meet Arielle Luckmann and Taylor Barker, Pacific Northwest natives and … Continue reading