Land Protection Advisory Council (LPAC)

What is the LPAC?
The purpose of SPF’s Land Protection Advisory Council (LPAC) is to provide wisdom, advice, opinions and critical thinking to the SPF Board of Directors regarding issues facing Skagit agriculture and SPF. The SPF Board of Directors and staff may frame and pose questions for the LPAC to consider and provide feedback. LPAC members may also pose questions to the SPF Board of Directors and/or staff.

Members of the LPAC are expected and encouraged to share their gifts of service to the SPF mission by providing their professional expertise; their diverse knowledge of constituent perspectives; their connections to local, national or international resources, colleagues or peers. The LPAC is purely advisory with no governing function within the organization.

Role and responsibilities of SPF
• Develop LPAC meeting agendas
• Circulate background materials and documents as needed/necessary.
• Focus meeting discussions.
• Work to resolve issues that may arise.
• Record and prepare meeting notes as needed/desired.
• Other functions as may be needed by the LPAC or SPF Board to ensure effective communications between the LPAC and SPF Board.

Expectations LPAC members
• Attend a no-host monthly breakfast meeting at 7:00am on the third Wednesday of each month.
• Contribute expertise and thinking to the current and future work of SPF and the long-term viability of Skagit agriculture.
• Be available for telephone calls from SPF staff and board members seeking advice.
• Fully consider issues brought forward for discussion, as well as the points of view of other LPAC members.
• Allow SPF to publish names of LPAC members on its website and/or in reports and documents.

Guidelines for LPAC Discussions
• Meetings will be informal but guided by the SPF Executive Director to ensure effective use of everyone’s time and to ensure all voices and opinions are heard and brought forward to the SPF Board of Directors for inclusion in Board deliberations.

• When working through specific issues it is important for LPAC members to understand and know the sentiments of all committee members on issues as they arise. After all points of view are heard, SPF staff will strive to capture the sentiments of all committee members, recognizing both the majority opinions and minority opinions as necessary. Opinions will be noted in meeting notes to the SPF Board.

• Unless otherwise stated, comments by LPAC members are interpreted as personal opinion and not the official position of an agency, organization or business unless specifically requested by the individual. Official positions by an agency, organization or business should be noted as such by the LPAC member at the time comments are made.

Tony Chang
Marjie Hite
Amy Hughes
Kirk Johnson
Darrin Morrison
John Roozen
Terry Sapp
Steve Sakuma