“Our Valley, Our Future” Breakfast:
Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

Thank you for another wonderful morning! 


On Wednesday, June 7, 2017 we recognized individuals whose accomplishments have demonstrated their commitment to Skagit agriculture. 

Whether in displays of brilliant foresight through Senator Mary Margaret Haugen’s lifetime of farmland preservation and farming advocacy, 

paramount innovation led by Dr. Debra Ann Inglis’s research and leadership, 

or hope for the future of farming through promising students like Juliana LeClair

there is no question why this is one of the most productive and 
treasured agricultural valleys in the world.


As our speaker WSDA Director Derek Sandison stated, what we have here in Skagit Valley is truly special


 Although we recognized just a handful of honorees that day, we applaud our supporters for being a part of Skagit Valley’s great success story and showing interest in SPF’s mission. It’s people like you who care about the continued viability of Skagit agriculture that ensure its healthy and thriving future. 



for taking a moment with us to celebrate our shared successes.
SPF is grateful to have your support in this meaningful pursuit.

The galley will be updated shortly.


2nd Annual “Our Valley, Our Future” Breakfast Gallery